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This site is all about gold mining in California. If you are looking where to find gold in California see the California Gold Rush Locations menu on the far right of this page. There you will find information about gold prospecting in California, about the gold mines and historical sites where gold was originally found. You will also read bits and pieces of California gold rush history and will be adding more content as I continue to build out this site. 

The California Gold Rush of 1848

The California Gold Rush of 1848, started when a man by the name of  James W. Marshall found a few small pieces of gold while building a sawmill near Coloma, California at the American River for John A. Sutter his employer. People on the eastern side of the United States eventually received word of gold mining in California and the thus began the following year in 1849 an mass migration over land and sea to seek fortune and gold. San Francisco grew by leaps and bounds in the year of 1849, as a port to the California gold rush locations that were east of the quickly growing city. The city grew from 200 residents People from all around the world that were dreaming of a better life traveled to California in the search for gold. Few became rich. In the year 1850, California became a state, one of the first state's to do so without becoming a territory first, all thanks to the gold rush.