Here you can find information about California gold prospecting and history.  I originally started the website to provide information for recreational gold miners for the state of Oregon, because I seen a lack of information on the web. I have decided post information about many states and the State of California is next on the list. A basic overview, will be added for each county and I will post more detailed information as I receive it. It takes time, study and investigation to gather all the facts about the mining history of  a  specific area, but the amount of information posted on this site will grow with time.

The categories are listed by county and within those counties, sub categories with specific locations if they have been added.

I appreciate any help or correspondence I might receive from other miners and gold prospectors. I will  post gold prospecting articles submitted to me if they are worth posting. Send me any interesting pictures and pictures of your gold!

Edwin Waters, Gold Prospector and Webmaster

I may be contacted on Facebook:

I am a GPAA member and live in Cheshire, Oregon

Giving an interview for the outdoor channel
Giving an interview for the outdoor channel

Outdoor Channel Interview Video