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Modoc County California Gold

Gold Mining in California – Modoc County

In Modoc County, near the Oregon border, there are several small gold mines that overlap into Oregon’s Lake County, near Fairport, California. You might try the surrounding streams for placer deposits and Modoc County Gold.

Gold Mining in California - New Pine Creek

In the Modoc National Forest is the High-Grade National Recreation Trail. On the trail, there are remains of gold mines, old gold mine tailings, ditches and even a few standing buildings from the mining period from around 1912. There is a ghost town here as well, aptly named High Grade, and is privately owned. High Grade is located in a canyon above Fort Bidwell, as seen on the map. This area represents the biggest gold rush of Modoc County but did not last long.

Rockhounds may want to check out Surprise Valley found in the high northeast corner of Modoc County near the Oregon and Nevada borders. Here at this ancient lake bed, you can find fossils, petrified wood, and obsidian glass.

California Gold Rush Locations