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Del Norte County Gold Mining

Gold Mining in California – Del Norte County

Fine particle beach gold can be found on the Del Norte County beaches. Del Norte County is home to the famous Redwood forests. There are some undeveloped quartz veins that are privately owned at the Northeastern part of the county in the Klamath Mountains. It is unknown or pure speculation as to how rich these quartz veins might be. The Klamath River stretches from Oregon into Siskiyou County and into Del Norte County is known for some placer gold along the path of the river and in the river itself.

Where to find gold in California

Smith River Forks

Smith River also has placer gold deposits. On the South Fork of the Smith River, which had large scale dredging operations, is Coon Creek, which has been another dredging operation in the past, and gold is found in the cemented gravels of the creek and gravel bars. There were several dredging operations conducted on the South Fork of the Smith River and tributaries. One mile south of Douglas Park is the where the Nels Christensen Mine is located.
Gold Mining in California - Del Norte County

Smith River area

On the north side of Preston Peak, is where the Bartlett Mine is located, which was a quartz vein mine.   The Crescent City Mine, which was also a quartz lode mine is also located in Del Norte County near Crescent City. Last Chance Mine was a major producer of gold in the past. 30 miles Northeast of Crescent City is the Low Divide District, which was a primary location for copper deposits, but there is some placer gold to be found here.  There were numerous hydraulic placer claims worked some times in the past, throughout the county. On Upper Monkey Creek there was a lode deposit, and there is some gold to be found in the creek.
Other mines the county was the Hard Luck Mine, which also produced arsenic. The Monumental Group of mines were major producers of vein gold as well as the  Myrtle Creek Mine. Placers can be found in Myrtle Creek and area, and in the past large dredging operations took place here. The Prudential Mine which is found at Shelly Creek was a major producer. On Craigs Creek, placer gold has been recovered, along with platinum. French Hill is a producer of placer gold deposits.