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Lassen County Gold Mining

Gold Mining in California – Lassen County

Not usually thought of being a gold mining County, nevertheless, near the northern-central border there was a discovery of some very rich veins. Lassen County is covered by a lot of lava rock, but in the midst of all the lava beds in the higher elevation of the county, you can find the Hayden Hill District in township 36N and 37N. range 10E and 11E. Official records indicate gold was first discovered at Hayden Hill in 1870, however proper records were never kept or were lost. Most likely mining began around the mid-1800’s just like the rest of California and Oregon. 116,000 ounces were recorded from 1870 onward. Mining came to a slow in 1910 when the town of Hayden Hill burned to the ground. According to early mining reports the quartz vein system was never more than 300 ft deep and is part of a vein system that extended to Happy Camp. The main gold mines at Hayden Hill are known as the Blue Bell Mine, Brush Hill Mine, Uncle Billy Mine, North Star Mine, Golden Eagle Mine and the Evening Star Mine. On the west side of Hayden Hill was/is the Blue Bell Mine. To the east of the Hayden, Hill Camp was/is a mine named Brush Hill Mine. On Willow Creek, there was a 5 stamp mill.

California Gold Mining
The Diamond Mountain Mine is located 7 miles south of Susanville. At first placer gold was discovered and worked. Later quartz veins were worked out of granite. At least half of the production came from placer deposits in the area. The Diamond Mountain area is located in T. 29 N., Rs. 11 and 12 E. Another nearby mine that was mostly low grade was known as the Gold Belt Mine.

Humboldt County Gold Mining

Gold Mining in California – Humboldt County

Gold mining in California in the county of Humboldt gold is always found in the beach sands in some quantity along the California coast. In historic times the area is known as Gold Bluff, hence the name, was a popular place for miners to try to strike it rich and it was believed by some that thousands of pounds of gold were there waiting right on the beach and washed up onto its shores by the ocean. Although there is some gold within the beach sands here this proved too good to be true for the mining methods of the day, since early miners had little knowledge of how to separate the small particles of gold from the sand effectively. The area today is known as Trinidad State beach and area, but at the time it had caused a mini gold rush around 1852. If your looking for beach gold also check out, Big Lagoon to the north

Gold Mining in California - Humboldt County

Klamath River
The popular Klamath River has placer gold found along its entire stretch and is well known for abundant nuggets and flakes. Orleans Bar is an area where many hydraulic operations were performed in the past. The mouth of the Klamath River is a popular place to find good concentrations of beach gold. The Klamath River runs from Klamath County in Oregon into Siskiyou County, California and stretches into both Del Norte and Humboldt Counties.
Trinity River
The Trinity River is the longest tributary of the Klamath River and is a very good gold producing river.  Good placer deposits can be located everywhere along the river. Gold producing tributaries of the Trinity River include Coffee Creek, New River, Indian Creek, Willow Creek, Hayford Creek and the East Fork. Environmental groups have been targeting the Trinity River and falsely charging that dredging is having an environmental impact upon water species within the river. It is ironic, that the Trinity River is a very popular gold mining river in California and is also world renown for its salmon and steelhead fishing.
Also, see Trinity County Section.

Map of the Trinity River and Klamath River watersheds. The Trinity River is shown in dark blue, with its watershed highlighted in dark yellow. The South Fork Trinity River extends southward, while the main Trinity River curves east then north.

Gold Mines

Lode gold mines are found mostly in the northeastern part of the county, but gold can be generally found through out Humboldt County. Some of the gold mines in the County include the Red Cap Mine located on Red Cap Creek just north of Eureka, California consisted of ten or more quartz veins containing gold.  On Willow Creek, a tributary of the Trinity River is where the Bonneville Quartz Mine was located. Near Orleans, is where you will find the Little Klondike Mine, and in nearby Pearch Creek, is where other quartz gold deposits were found. Other Humboldt County mines include Big Bar Annex Placer Mine, Croton Bar, Cavanaugh Mine, China Flat Placer Mine (found in Trinity River Area), Bissel Mine (also known as Clover Flat), Coleman Placer Mine, Delaney Group of Mines, Harveston Bar Mine, and the Prospect Hill Mine.